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In our Globant brand, the logo is the star and one of our most precious visual assets.
 It graphically represents our ideas, values, and mission.

Be sure that no text or image obstructs the logo when you integrate it in new design work. Always maintain an area of clear space, or a safe area around the logo, in order to give the logo maximum visibility. The preferred use of the Globant logo is the two-color version, shown below with the word "Globant".


It is mandatory and of great importance for the brand to respect clean margins and space. Be mindful, spacing is about giving every piece of content its own space on the page or the screen. We use margin and padding to keep content separated from other elements such as images, video embeds and text. The result is much more professional and organized content. In addition to defining the organization of a page, white space can greatly improve the readability.

White space

White space is a tool that helps guide the user experience. It helps maintain focus. The greater the padding around a particular element on a page, the greater the emphasis on that element. Think of white space as a breath of fresh air. Just as humans need air to breathe, designs need white space to breathe.

Logo guidance

These are some logo applications that should NEVER be implemented.

Do not alter the order of the elements. 

Do not use typography to build the logo. 

Invalid use of color. 

Do not alter the order of the elements. 

Do not modify the proportions. 

Do not manipulate the parts and/or components of the isologotype. 

Invalid use of color. 

Do not modify or replace the isotype. 

Do not modify kerning. 

Do not use gradient in the isotype or in any element that makes up the isologotype. 

Do not alter the vertical alignment of the components of the isologotype. 

Do not alter the inclination of the isologotype in any sense or direction. 

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