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Brand Voice
The Globant Way

Branding is about perceptions and experiences, about getting a message to the world, a feeling, a certain way to reach others. All the visual elements (logos, images, colors, typography) need to work together with our voice (messages, taglines, tone and personality) to build that feeling inside people that makes our brand unique.

Who we are

Our brand is young yet experienced. We were born in the digital age. Innovation and creativity live throughout Globant. We are the place where innovation, design and engineering meet scale.

Globant's DNA
Our philosophy and beliefs

Our culture and brand can be best described as entrepreneurial, flexible, sustainable and team-oriented, and is built on three main motivational pillars and six core values. Entrepreneurship is the inner force that moves us. Creativity moves our souls and ignites technology to impact the world in a positive way.

We are company of team players that are constantly innovating, thinking big to achieve bold objectives, aim to excel in everything we do, and we trust that in that process we will also have fun and be kind to humanity. 

A Brand Story

Have you ever wondered how the name Globant appeared?
What does it mean “We are ready”?
Why do we use green colors?
Here is a little brand story about us.

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Tone, style and voice

We believe in a fresh and informal style of communication.
We like to feel close, as if we’re talking right next to you. We try to keep things simple and precise, with clear, diverse and impactful messages and designs that appeal to everyone. We want you to feel identified with our voice.

Key words

Communicating in our style | Some considerations

• We keep in mind the context.

• There is no room for “The company”: “We” are all Globant.

• We are “Globers”, not employees.

• We prefer positive statements.

• Our messages inspire, are constructive.

• Create your way forward.

• We like short paragraphs.

• We like “call to actions”.

• We like feedback, it helps us become better every day.

• We say "Hi", "Hola", “Olá” and "Hello".

• We like short sentences.

• Be Inclusive.

• Do not perpetuate traditional gender roles.

• Avoid attributing stereotyped qualities and behaviors to specific groups of people.

• Do not associate success or happiness with a certain physical appearance.

• Do not exclude or discriminate through language.

14 phrases you should know about Globant

Branding is also about words and phrases that hold a positive meaning for us.
These are some of our most used taglines. 

We are ready / Are you ready?

We are the place where innovation, design and engineering meet scale.  

Empowering organizations for a digital and cognitive revolution.

Challenge the status quo.

We are digitally native.

The journey to digital.

Always in Beta.

Stay Relevant.

Stay Curious.

We are dreamers and makers.

Be Epic.

Be kind.

Be kind to your Peers, Be kind to Humanity, Be Kind to the Planet, Be kind to Yourself.

We want to make an Impact. 

Our mission is to transform the world one step at a time.

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